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11 Qualified Mobile Interface Tools and WordPress Plugins

Mobile internet is an important channel to reach blogs, especially for popular ones. Instead of making mobile web sites, it is easy to change web interface into mobile. Such as you can access your blog admin by visiting m.wordpress.com, if your blog hosted on WordPress.com. But it is not enough, there are great tools to change blogs into a mobile interface.

In this post i covered applications and WordPress plugins which make possible to view and moderate blogs on mobile.  By these tools you can post, manage, and basically do everything you normally would do, and your visitors can discover your blog by their mobile gadgets with pleasure.  I eliminated inactive ones but if you know more than i found please comment them below the post.

1. WpToGo

Author: DanRoundHill

WpToGo is a simple WordPress app for the Android platform. This app allows you to access and post easily to any WordPress blog. WpToGo UI looks clear and it has cool features with its last version 1.9.0.

  • Version 1.9.0
    – Tabs
    – Automatic saving of drafts
    – Support for large screen devices
  • Version 1.8.1
    – Comment notifications

2. WpTouch

Downloads: 620,842Compatible up to: 2.7.1 or higher – Author: BraveNewCode

This plugin is really appreciated for touch screen mobile phones. Your WordPress blog looks cool when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry Storm touch mobile device by WpTouch. WpTouch is more than just a plugin, it transforms your blog into a great experience.

  • Supports some common social networking plugins
  • Scaling photos, handling post and page styling all by itself — no extra code required.
  • Thumbnails in the main view of WPtouch easily (With WordPress 2.9 and WPtouch 1.9.7+)
  • Includes sprinkles of jQuery and Ajax visual effects
  • Intuitive, polished admin panel and much more…

3. Wapple Mobile Admin

Compatible up to: 2.9.2 – Author: MobileWebJunkie

WordPress Mobile Admin is a WordPress control panel for your mobile. It works on every device and fully featured.  You can write and edit posts, moderate and reply to comments, update and manage tags, categories and pages.

  • Add new posts from mobile
  • Post pictures from your mobile phone and dictate where they appear on the post
  • Post, Page, Tag and Category Management
  • Comment Moderation – including replying to comments
  • User Profile page – including colour schemes
  • Support for gravatars

4. WordPress for Android

Compatible up to: 2.7.1 or higher – Author: WordPress

The official WordPress Plugin for Android. With this plugin you can write new posts, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications. WordPress for Android version 1.0.2 has been released to Android Market. Here is the last version updates of Plugin;

  • Support for https (including self-signed certs)
  • Connection issue fixes for self-hosted WordPress sites
  • Fix for local drafts not showing if the user had no posts/pages
  • UI tweaks including a new loading bar in the tab view
  • Better support for WordPress MU blogs
  • Automatic detection of xmlrpc.php w/ fallback to manual prompt

5. WordPress for Blackberry

Compatible up to: 2.7 – Author: WordPress

The official WordPress plugin for Blackberry.  Last version of WordPress for Blackberry is v1.0.

  • Ability to record and upload videos from your phone. We now support both 3gp and 3g2 formats on older generation BlackBerry devices
  • Introducing support for the HD video service VideoPress
  • Streamlined UI and functionality relating to comment moderation
  • Overall enhancements to the speed and stability of the app

6. WordPress for iPhone

Downloads: 31,018 – Compatible up to: 2.7.1 – Author: WordPress

This is the official WordPress plugin for iPhone. The plugin lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone or iPod touch.  New version 2.2 is in the App Store with improved comment moderation. You can find discussions on forum.

  • Reply to Comments
  • Edit Comments
  • Highlighting the new items in the comment list

7. The WordPress Mobile Pack:

Downloads: 48,948 – Compatible up to: 2.9.2 Author: Assembla

The WordPress Mobile Pack is a useful plugin to mobilize your WordPress blog in different ways.

  • Support for mobile widgets
  • Mobile traffic analytics via Percent Mobile.
  • Ability to list your site @ Mpexo(an online directory of mobile sites)
  • Four different mobile themes (Color based)
  • WordPress Admin Mobile Interface with limited functions


Downloads: 60,158 – Compatible up to: 2.8.6 Author: Aduity

MobilePress is a free WordPress plugin which turns your WordPress blog into a mobile friendly blog when viewed on a mobile phone.

  • Custom mobile themes for different handheld devices and mobile browsers such as the iPhone, Opera Mini and Windows Mobile
  • Integrates with Aduity.com for ad serving and analytics
  • Comes with a number of free themes optimized for normal handsets and also an iPhone specific theme

9.WordPress Mobile Edition

Downloads: 125,232 – Compatible up to: 2.9.2 - Author: CrowdFavourite

WordPress Mobile Edition shows your blogs interface designed for a mobile device on different mobile browsers. Mobile browsers are automatically detected by this plugin and it is possible to customize on the settings page.

  • Compatible with WP Super Cache 0.9(using WP Cache mode)
  • Support Google and Yahoo mobile search crawlers but if it is not enough, you can add any others by adding their user agents in the plugin’s settings page
  • Customized interface for advanced mobile browsers and special styling to make things “finger-sized” for touch browsers.
  • Recent posts shown on every page for easy access
  • Customizable design as a WordPress theme

10. Mobify:

Mobify is a free(+premium) service that makes WordPress, Drupal and other websites mobile-friendly. It supports iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and 5000+ other devices.

It is a powerful solution to create a mobile layouts, capturing mobile traffic from social networks and enable regular ad servers (OpenX, DART, Google Ad Manager and others) to serve mobile ads according to the latest MMA standards.

11. W3C mobileOK Checker :

This is a bonus for you to check out if your mobile interface works well. W3C mobile checker is a specialized version of W3C.  It performs various tests to determine its level of mobile-usage.

Let us know if there is something we missed while preparing this article and we will be happy to update the article.:)

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