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30 Christmas WordPress Themes

Christmas is here again, and it’s time to hang lights, ornaments and socks around.

If you are a WordPress user and wants some holiday feel on your WordPress blog, I have compiled 30 Christmas WordPress themes here. Some of them are awesome, while some not so pretty.

Provided I did not miss anything, all of them are free to use. Please let me know if there are any other Christmas WordPress themes should be in the list.

Happy Christmas-ing your blog!

1. Merry Christmas [Demo]

Elegant, single column with snow falling effect. One of the best Christmas themes out there.

2. Christmas Days [Demo]

2 columns, tested on WordPress 2.3.1 with Firefox , Opera, Safari and IE6/7, validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

3. Christmas Is Near [Demo]

2 columns, blue themed, with snow falling effect.

4. Iceburgg

Blue and white themed, one column but splitting into three columns right before the footer.

5. TMZ Winter

3 columns, combination of red, blue, green and white. PSDs included in download.

6. Vermilion Christmas [Demo]

Widget ready, 2 columns, green and red.

7. Christmas WordPress Theme

Widget ready, AdSense optimized, 3 columns, easy header change.

8. Winter Christmas [Demo]

3 columns, right sidebar, widget ready, support Gravatar, rounded corner.

9. Christmas Gifts [Demo]

Widget ready, 2 columns, white, red and green.

10. Christmas Gift [Screenshot]

3 columns, left and right sidebar, widget ready.

11. V4nyChristmas3 [Demo]

Cute doggy header, 2 columns, (very) narrow content column.

12. Christmas News [Demo]

3 columns, left and right sidebar, green background, blue header.

13. Coolwinter [Demo]

Blue, winter theme, 2 columns, right sidebar.

14. Xmas Theme [Demo]

Red and green, 2 columns, sponsored by Lunarpages.

15. Winter Red [Demo]

Holiday mood red theme, 3 columns.

16. A Day Of Meaning And Traditions [Demo]

2 columns, AdSense ready.

17. Hello Snowman [Demo]

3 columns, clean looking, snowman header, Gravatar ready, widget ready, rounded corners at footer.

18. Christmas Girl [Demo]

3 columns, fixed width, widget ready, Christmas girl on header.

19. Happy Christmas 1.0

Orange themed, 3 columns.

20. Winter Stream [Demo]

2 columns, fixed width, widget ready – more to winter than Christmas.

21. Christmas Spirit [Demo]

3 columns (for some reason demo blog has only 2 columns), widget ready, not much Christmas feel, just some Christmas icons hanging around.

22. Christmas [Demo]

2 columns, red. Everything But the Fruitcake is a Christmas theme for the Christmas season. The theme includes a Christmas tree ornament graphic as well for a proper flavor.

23. Christmas & Holiday Season [Screenshot]

2/3 columns, widget ready, header PSD included.

24. ‘Tis The Season WordPress Theme

Designed by Brian Gardner, 2 columns.

25. Christmas Bells

2 columns, red background.

26. Christmas 2008 [Demo]

27. Christmas Tree

2 columns, red background, similar to Christmas Bells.

28. Christmas Cambledyne [Demo]

2 columns, widget ready, fixed width, classic looking.

29. ChristmasJoy [Demo]

2 columns, Christmas light, crammed text.

30. The Lingering Season [Demo]

2 columns, blue. Rather lonely and not so Christmas feel.

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