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Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

SEO Plugins are plugins that will further help to optimize your WordPress blog for search engines. The WordPress Platform in its raw state has been made to be search engine friendly, but its search engine friendliness can be further maximized or extended by the use of various SEO plugins.

There are hundreds of WordPress SEO plugins available in the plugins depository courtesy of numerous selfless and great WP developers who have invested their time, energy, resources and intellect into the development of these SEO plugins.

But, due to the volume of SEO plugins that are available, it is a bit difficult for bloggers, especially newbie bloggers, to know which and which SEO plugins is suitable for their blog.

To be Candid, not all WP SEO plugins are good, in fact, there are some that will break/mess up your blog and your search engine rankings if you ever try to use them. So, in other to prevent such occurrence and help you in selection of SEO plugins, I have decided to share with you some tested, trusted and effective WP SEO plugins that you can try out on your blog. seo plugins Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

Without much ado, let us meet our Top 10 WordPress SEO plugins.

#1.      All in one SEO Pack

One of the most popular and most widely used WordPress SEO plugin is the All in one SEO Pack plugins. This plugin is well known for its simple interface and ease of use; AIO SEO is very compatible with almost every plugin and it is absolutely less buggy.

This plugin will handle the overall SEO of your blog ranging from: META Descriptions, Page Titles, META Keywords, Indexation and so on. This plugin is my favorite SEO plugin, I use it on all my major blogs; AIO SEO can also automatically generate META descriptions for your posts and optimize your titles for search engines.

This plugin also enables you to manually include META tags (title, description and keywords) for each Post/page on your blog. This is one plugin you must have on your blog.

 all in one seo screenshot3 236x300 Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

#2.      Google XML Sitemap

Google XML sitemap is also another SEO plugin that is very very very important, this plugin will create a XML sitemap format for your blog, this sitemap will help Search engines to crawl your blog easily and index every content on your blog.

Do not be deceived by its name, Google XML Sitemap plugin is not just for Google, the XML sitemap created is supported by Google, BIng, Yahoo and Ask search engines. Google XML Sitemap plugin will also notify all major search engines very time you publish a new post or update your blog.

The settings is quite easy to configure, it is just a matter of ticking and un-ticking some boxes.

 google xml sitemap generator2 249x300 Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

#3.      SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images is a SEO plugin that will help you to optimize your blog images for proper search engine rankings. If you don’t know, images on your blog can be a source of huge traffic for you blog and this plugin will help you to achieve this.

SEO friendly images plugin will automatically update all your blog images ALT and TITLE tags. The ALT tags acts as the image description while the TITLE is the text displayed when the mouse is hovered on the image. These two attribute are important part of you blog SEO that you must not ignore.

#4.      SEO Post Links

SEO Post Links plugin is a plugin that will help to shorten your blog post permalinks/URL. Usually when you create a new posts, the posts slug will be the whole of the post title which is bad for SEO, but when you have this plugin installed, it will automatically cut off unnecessary words and make your posts URL short and Search engine friendly.

I will recommend this plugin for all bloggers, especially newbie’s.

 seo post link options Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

#5.      All in One Webmaster

The All in One Webmaster plugin is a nifty plugin that is very useful for all bloggers; this plugin makes your blog verification across various major platforms a breeze.

With All in One Webmaster, it is very easy for you to verify your blog with Alexa, Google Webmasters, Google Analytics Click and lots more.

It also helps you to submit your sitemap to search engines.

#6.      Redirection

Redirection is a plugin that helps you to manage 301 redirections, to keep track of dead links 404 error pages and also to correct them.  It also allows you to monitor your redirects by giving you full logs of all redirected URLs and also RSS feed for 404 errors.

It also, automatically adds a redirection when a posts permalink/URL changes.

 redirection plugin Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

#7.       NoFollow Link

NoFollow Link plugin will let you set the nofollow attribute tag for links within your blog posts.  This plugin will add a button to your post editor top pane which you can use to add “nofollow” attributes to any links within your posts; this plugin will come handy when you have a post that deals with external links like this one.

It is important for you to control your on page link juice flow, so make sure you use this plugin to your advantage. Just select a link in the post and click the No Follow button, and the nofollow attribute will be added to the link.

#8.      Automatic SEO links

Automatic SEO links plugin is a plugin that help with automatic linking of words and phrases in your blog posts. This plugin is quite easy to use, just choose a word and a URL and this plugin will replace all matches in the posts of your blog.

Automatic SEO links also let to set the link Title, target, and rel. You can also choose whether the link should be “Nofollow” or “Dofollow”.

 automatic seo links new link Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

#9.      SEO Blog roll

SEO Blog roll will be of help to bloggers that are making use of the WordPress blog Roll feature. This plugin will let you control which blogs on your blog roll that link juice are passed to. The plugin will let your add “nofollow” to any link on your blog roll.

This way, you can conserve your link juice and blog page rank.

#10.   Digg Digg

We all should know by now that social media now has a part to play in our SEO campaigns this is why I will be adding this plugin to this list. The Digg Digg plugin lets you add all major Social Networks and Social Bookmarking sites sharing buttons to your blog.

A good demo of this plugin is the floating sharing buttons at the left-hand side of this blog. Search engines are now taking notice of social media trends in their search rankings, so make sure you add this plugin so that it is easy for your readers to share your posts.

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