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WordPress: Expand Your Text Editor

WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform. It is easy to use and infinitely customizable.

One of my favorite features of WordPress is the “advanced” version of the text editor used to write posts. For some reason this option isn’t enabled by default nor is there a box in any of the options to make it appear. You have to know the “code”.

So what is the code? Ctrl + Alt + V Just press that key combination when you are in the “Write” section of your wordpress blog. It should look like this:

Advanced Text Editor

It makes it very easy to write the word green in green, red in red; insert special characters like © or ™ or even ®. You can also paste text from a word formatted document, change the heading type (H1, H2, paragraph, etc.), clean up messy code, undo, and underline.

If you are still need more control over your posts, take it to the next level. Supercharge your text editor by downloading the Advanced TinyMCE Editor. The installation procedure is only slightly more complex than a normal plug-in but the end result is this:

Advanced TinyMCE Editor

Now you can do it all with 60+ options including: superscript, subscript, emoticons, media (Flash, Shockwave), tables and SO much more. Tip: Be sure to read the readme.txt in the extracted folder.

Go crazy and get the upgrade to the ultimate WordPress text editor.

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