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Red Eclipse is a multi-platform, free, and open source first-person shooter that runs on top of the Cube 2 Engine.

Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse

Free Download Games Red Eclipse 1.1

In addition to the game modes, there are twelve mutators which extend the game modes:

Teamplay – Default on CTF, DTF, and bomber-ball; splits players into Alpha(blue) and Omega(red) teams and uses bots to make it even if there is an odd number of players.
Instagib – One shot kills and rifles only unless using Ballistic or Mideval mutators.
Onslaught – Adds neutral waves of zombies to fight.
Vampire – Hurting other people increases the attacker´s health.
Medieval – Swords only.
Ballistic – Rocket launchers only.
Arena – Have a choice of two weapons.
Expert – Only headshots deal damage.
Duel – Two people at a time; other players on a server observe and wait.
Survivor – Everyone spawns at once then last man standing wins.
Hover – Replaced jetpack in v1.1. Players may hover upon double-jumping.
Resize – As a player´s your health decreases, so does their size.
League – Attributes of character´s size and speed are determined by their choice of weapon.

Furthermore, Red Eclipse´s game modes could have multiple mutators to extend the mode, such as having Capture the Flag with the Instagib, Teamplay, and hover mutators, which enables one-shot-one-kill styled gameplay, and players to hover.

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