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Google Adsense for Mobile Content Set Up and Tips

If you have a mobile website and are not signed up with google adsense for mobile content you are missing out on a lot of revenue. Adsense has came out with ad units that can be viewed through a mobile phone and be clicked on. With the rise in cell phone technology and accessing the internet through phones this is a area with huge future potential.

If you are getting ready to build a website you may want to take into consideration making it mobile.

For a website to be mobile it must be written in a certain computer language. The most common and simple computer language is html. That is what most pages are build it. However, for more complicated applications more complicated computer language is needed. That is why you can not make a HTML website mobile.

Adsense for Mobile Compatible Markup Languages

  • WML

In addition to your website having to be build in these languages it also has to conform to some more guidelines if you wish to use ad sense for mobile content. The site has to also be developed with server side scripting(PHP and ASP are examples of server-side scripting). The Google ad code you will paste into your pages will be in PHP.

Once your pages are built in the proper markup language along with server side scripting it is easy to incorporate the adsense for mobile content ads onto your webpages. It works the same as adsense for content in that you get paid when visitors click on the ad. Each ad pays a different amount per click. The revenue from each click is split between google and the publisher. The percentage that google keeps is unknown.

There are many advantages to having a mobile site. The two biggest advantages are you can now monetize mobile traffic and surfing the internet on mobile phones is rising in popularity. This means that in the future if you have a mobile website you will get big boosts in traffic from visitors who the surf the net on their phones. Nowadays the internet comes on many new phones and almost anyone can access it this way.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that most people have to learn an entirely new computer language to build a mobile website. It is a big transition from building pages in basic HTML. Another disadvantage to adsense for mobile content is that it is only available in certain regions. Below is a list of the regions that it is available in.

Available In: United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Austria, Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, China, Spain, Denmark, South Africa, Finland, Singapore, France, Russia, Germany, Poland, Greece, Norway, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, and Korea. If you do not live in one of those countries or provinces you are not eligible for adsense for mobile so do not build a mobile site for this.

A minor disadvantage that comes with mobile pages is you can only place one ad unit per mobile page. This is quite different from adsense for content where you could place up to 3 ad units per page and a link unit.

Set Up

Before you can begin set up you have to check your site to make sure that it is written in the proper formatting language. If you built your website your self you should know off the top of your head. Once you have that figured out set up is fairly easy. To get started you will need to click on the adsense set up tab. From there you will be brought to a page with a list of different ways to make money with adsense. Select adsense for mobile to get started.

Step 1. Select Ad Formats

The first step is to choose what ad format you would like to incorporate into your mobile webpages. When it comes to size options there are only 2 options available. You can choose between a double ad or a single ad. This applies to all text ads. If you are using only images ads you have are only allowed to display one image so it does not matter.

Step 2. Choose Mark-up Language

If you remember from earlier in the article you have to write your page in either XHTML, WML, and CHTML. Select which markup language you built your pages in to let google know how to format the code for your site. If you built your mobile site yourself this should not be a problem. If you hired someone else to build your mobile website then you need to contact that person to find out which one they built it in.

Step 3. Pick Ad Colors

You can make your own ad or you can select from some of the pre-made ad units made by google. If you are not real educated when it comes to adsense you are probably better off going with a pre-made format. However, if you have a real basic color scheme you should be alright as long as you match the ad colors to the colors of your site.

Step 4. Set Up a Channel

This is an easy step. All you have to do here is set up and channel to track the results of your adsense for mobile ad units. Google requires you to track this separately from your all different adsense types. Channels can be useful in determining which ad formats are performing the best and on what pages of your site.

Step 5. Choose Scripting Language

This is the last step in the process. As mentioned earlier you have to incorporate server side scripting into your website. The scripting language has to be either PHP, JSP, ASP, CGI, or Perl. Once you specify this Google will generate a code that is compatible with the scripting language you choose. Once you get this code copy and paste it into the webpages you want to display adsense for mobile content ad units.

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